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Model 3 Owners Club is largely supported by enthusiastic members to keep this community running. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long ways to keeping it going.

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US $150.00
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Hotblack Desiato donated US $20.00
Vegita2201 donated US $20.00
  • Vegita2201
  • Confirmed
  • Thanks for being a good resource for information.
Rondal5000 donated US $20.00
3Model3s donated US $35.00
JohnMon donated US $5.00
Perscitus donated US $50.00
  • Perscitus
  • Confirmed
  • Thanks for keeping the lights on for the rest of us! Great resource, nice forum template/tech and a good crowd of people.
Friedrich donated US $20.00
webdriverguy donated US $1.00
Shadow016 donated US $20.00
C141medic donated US $10.00
No_petro donated US $10.00
  • No_petro
  • Confirmed
  • Keep up the great work!
Tom Hudson donated US $10.00
  • Tom Hudson
  • Confirmed
  • Great site, keep up the good work!
Watzon donated US $50.00
  • Watzon
  • Confirmed
  • Thanks. Good job.
Julian Hakes donated US $150.00
  • Julian Hakes
  • Confirmed
  • Trevor - hope this helps keep this great site running. Would love to chat to you about a sponsored post or Oscar and Hamish giveaway at some point. Your good friend Kenneth (Ken) is doing a reveal soon but we wanted to make sure we had stock ready. Best J
JVNoon donated US $50.00
  • JVNoon
  • Confirmed

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