2017 02 01 Search for the Super Battery - YouTube

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CarlG, Feb 4, 2017
    • CarlG
      This is a really well done and very interesting episode of Nova that I think you will find well worth your time to watch. If you have kids, I would encourage you to have them watch it with you, as I think they will find it fascinating also.

      If you can do it, I highly recommend viewing the YouTube episode on a large screen TV or laptop rather than a tablet or smart phone.

      With all the recent news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions, and many other stories about issues / problems with defective lithium ion batteries, I think most of us will find the program’s in-depth look at how batteries are made, why they are potentially dangerous, and what is being done in current research to improve the safety, capacity and cost, as well as to enable large scale storage of electricity from alternate energy sources – this show covers it all, and in a very well done manner.
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    2017 02 01 Search for the Super Battery
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