Model 3 Size Comparison to Model S

Physically it's about 90% the size of a Model S exterior.

Model 3 Size Comparison to Model S
TrevP, Dec 5, 2016
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      Michael Russo
      Always like to see this again, @TrevP !!Thanks... So, as the S is ~ 5 m long, I still have a hard time with much less than 4.4-4.5 m for Model ≡ based on this, though I seem to remember the analysis based on wheel side (in the Evannex 'Getting Ready...', right?) that was implying something more like 4.2 m... funny, no?
    • TrevP
      You'll notice the cabin from the front of the side markers to the back of the rear doors is pretty much the same length. If you watch the steering wheel position you'll see what Tesla meant that they pushed the dash forward to give extra legroom behind the front row seats. This should net an interior space of about the same amount as the Model S even with a Model 3 being a bit shorter in the nose and the trunk area. Model 3 has been reported as being a bit narrower in track than a Model S but we don't know how that affects interior space, if all all.

      You'll also notice the nose is lower and thus lowers the windshield which will give a lower view out of the front of the car.
    • Michael Russo
      @TrevP , thank you for these complementary observation reminders! In particular I appreciate the reference to the relative steering wheel position & premised interior space... Am sure the car will be very agile in its handling too though when I test drove the S twice, I was truly amazed by how easy it is to drive despite the imposing length ! Can't wait to meet it 'in person'! :)
    • KC Lyons
      Thanks for this post! I wanted to see the difference in length.
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      KC Lyons
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