aero covers

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  1. F

    Model 3 Aero wheels, covers and tires for sale-$1100 Bay Area

    Hello, I have a set of 4 Aero Wheels, Tires and covers for sale. The tires has about 350 miles on it. Everything perfect condition except there are small scuffs on one of the wheels. See attached pictures, I do not ship but maybe able to deliver. I am in San Francisco. Asking for $1100 for all 4.
  2. plasmo

    Poll: Silver M3'ers - Which 18" Aero Wheel style do you prefer?

    I made a similar Poll a while ago on another forum, but didn't have "Option D" available. Now I have a photo of it, and am curious to see what people's preferences are. This poll is really regarding the 18" Aero wheels, as the 19" performance wheel is already silver.
  3. hamtonp

    Hanger for Aero Caps

    Bought this hook/hanger from Harbor Freight for $2. It can hold all 4 caps. Called a jumbo ladder hook: Some reason I can't display the image...
  4. PNWmisty

    Who has higher performance wheels on their Model3?

    I noticed the 18" Aero wheels are very light for an OEM base offering. I'm currently running mine without the Aero covers but will put them on for any multi-day trips. While I haven't spent any time shopping for lighter wheels I noticed most common offerings are actually heavier than the base...
  5. T

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Range Benefits

    Hi all - I wanted to create a thread for people to report any data about the range benefits of the aero wheels vs the 19 inch sport wheels. This would really help many of us make configuration decisions with our M3's!
  6. PTFI

    The Debate is over...

    These things are now officially called "Hub Caps" Removing and Installing Hub Caps If your Model 3 is equipped with hub caps, you must remove them to access the lug nuts. To remove a hub cap, grasp it firmly and pull it toward you. To install a hub cap, align it into position and...