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  1. Bokonon

    Massachusetts Meetup

    Greetings, fellow M3OCers in Massachusetts (and anywhere within driving distance)! There's been some talk of scheduling a meetup before the weather turns too craptastical, so I thought I'd create a separate thread to help us sort out the details. I've added a poll so we can get a rough idea...
  2. Slumbreon

    Boston Area Tesla Approved Body Shops - experiences

    With Dedham not doing body work, I was referred by Tesla to their list of approved body shops to take care of a few blemishes notes at delivery. ( As sooner or later we all will likely need some work, figured a thread on experiences was warranted.
  3. Bokonon

    New Westwood (MA) Showroom; Dedham to Become Service Center

    TMC user ivolodin is reporting that a new Tesla showroom will be opening "shortly" in Westwood, MA, about 2 miles down Providence Highway from Tesla's current location in Dedham. The Dedham location will subsequently become a dedicated Service Center, and (my speculation) remain a Delivery...
  4. Bokonon

    Boston Area / Massachusetts Thread

    Okay, we have a sighting! Midnight silver with aero wheels, spotted today at the Dedham Service Center (via Tesla Owners New England Facebook group) : My (unsubstantiated) guess is that this is the employee car whose existence a few of the local store employees have alluded to in recent...