cold weather

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  1. osovega40

    Charge port lock stuck (frozen)

    Got home today and tried to plug in the car and the lock pin is stuck in the up position with a blue flashing light. There is also a continuos clicking as if it’s trying to unlock it but can’t. Spoke to service on the phone and they said it may have to do with the temp (currently sitting at...
  2. RichK

    Add Door Release to Phone App for Frozen/Icy Door Handles

    I walked up to my M3 yesterday morning after a night of cold+rain and the driver's side door handle was frozen shut. I was fortunate to be able to get in the front passenger door and reach over to hit the driver's side button. The design of the door handle provides poor leverage for stuck door...
  3. Kizzy

    Cold Weather Package for Moderate Climates

    Temperature range in my area has winter lows from the mid 30s to mid 40s Fahrenheit, usually on the higher end of the range. We have lots of condensation, rarely frost during winter. When I got my current ICE car (Honda Accord), I was a bit envious of my Canadian neighbors getting heated mirrors...