1. MidnightSilverDuck

    Rattle From Dashboard / Speaker Grill

    Has anyone else had a rattle coming from the driver side dashboard area? If so have you been able to isolate and fix? I've had one since delivery day. Just got the car back from attempt 5 to fix and still is there. Hoping someone has been able to find the solution to be able to give the service...
  2. MelindaV

    Interior trim

    The Alphas had the dash and center console trim matching, if it were wood or white (and presuming if other trim colors were an option they would as well) But to date, all RCs and now the spied production cars have all had the brown wood dash trim and gloss Piano Black center console trim...
  3. K

    Question about interior dashboard

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and just placed a reservation on the car! I've been a fan of Tesla for a long time and was waiting for the right time for a more affordable option! One big question I have is that Model 3 doesn't have a drivers' dashboard/screen for the speedometer, etc. Is it not...