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  1. Ormond

    Discount on Demonstrators?

    Has anyone purchased a demonstrator? I am looking at a Model 3 Performance that is a demonstrator model. The only incentive offered to me at this time is 25 cents a mile, which isn't much for a car with 900 miles. I don't know if you can compare to the nice discounts on Models X or S. Please...
  2. Mazzeppa

    Anti-Theft Insurance discount?

    AAA offers a anti-theft discount, but it requires OnStar or LoJack services. Wouldn't the built-n alarm system and auto tracking function within the app be equivalent?
  3. axc0pui

    Group Discount for Tints, PPF, Etc, in Florida (Now Available!)

    Calling all South Florida Model 3 reservation holders! I'm currently working on getting a group discount for window tints, paint protective films, and the like. So far I've identified a number of shops in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, and I'll be emailing them this week to...