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  1. The Model 3 Guy

    {Video} SUMMON in CANADA

    Summon in CANADA. Finally!
  2. KarenRei

    MR version order & delivery thread

  3. Anesthesia Adam

    Trying to add EAP before delivery!

    So I am scheduled for home delivery on Monday (11/5). My original plan was to add EAP after I got settled with the car. I wake up to learn that will cost me $7,000 now instead of $5,500. My delivery advisor (DA) is hit or miss with returning emails and works Sunday through Thursday. Any...
  4. R

    EAP Demo activated by Dealer?

    Hi All, First time poster, long time lurker. Took delivery of my white, PUP, AWD, LR on friday sept 28th in Montreal. Delivery guy noticed the EAP was activated on my car since he saw the calibrating icon on the screen. He thought it was strange since I said I never ordered it so he just let it...
  5. C

    Radar Sensor...I found one!!

    There is a radar sensor smack dab in the middle of the nose, just a couple inches below the tip of the hood. The Front Radar. png shows it as red. How did I find it? I cleverly placed a replica of my license plate centered on the car's nose, and by golly the top seems to have been reflecting...
  6. S

    Automatic lane change is not working any more on EAP but works on TACC

    I am noticing error when I try to do automatic lane change by doing lane change signal while on EAP, which reads "Automatic lane change unavailable, If issue persists, contact Tesla Service". As mentioned on the subject line it works on TACC but does not on EAP. I am on version 34.1 and started...
  7. Waterhouse

    EAP Missing

    Picked up yesterday, but it appears that even though I paid for EAP, I don't have it.... Here's my 'autopilot' menu: I know it has to calibrate, etc... but others are reporting that they had TACC and other items in this menu right from the start. Called Support, they *think* it's a...
  8. Dr. J

    Enhanced Autopilot Trial

    TMC is reporting this as news, though I don't see a date of publication on the Tesla site: Enhanced Autopilot Trial [Moderator: please move thread to appropriate forum, if needed.] From TMC: Enhanced Autopilot features will automatically be downloaded to cars after they receive software...
  9. W

    Add EAP a week after config

    I'm sure this has been addressed in another thread, but I cannot find exactly what I'm looking for so need some help from you guys...was looking to add EAP to my config (ordered the M3 AWD on Sat 6/30; 1 week ago). Had cold feet about it so I went and test drove a Model S today, and wow...EAP is...
  10. Chihuahua

    Enhanced Auto Pilot Question

    My invite is quickly approaching and am deciding whether or not to order EAP. I have a pretty simple question. If you don't order EAP, does the display on the touchscreen still show you cars that are detected around you? This would be best answered by someone who has already taken delivery of...
  11. DC_3

    Enhanced Autopilot or Premium Interior?

    What would you choose if you had to select one over the other? I only have the budget for one and am interested in reading others experiences/ideas. I know I can always upgrade the EAP later, but am wondering if the premium upgrade is worth 5k. For those who already have teslas with AP...
  12. I

    Road to Full Self-Driving (FSD)?

    Ok, so far I have gathered the following about Full Self-Driving (FSD) on de Model 3: it is an option that costs 3000 USD, on top of the Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) that costs 5000 USD EAP is a thing now, so you get EAP when you get the car FSD is not a thing yet, there are issues that need to be...