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  1. Rich M

    Who has had a non-Tesla vehicle from the Fremont (NUMMI) factory?

    After noticing @ummgood post his 3 next to his Tacoma, (I also had an 06 Tacoma) which was also made at the NUMMI joint GM-Toyota facility, I was wondering if anyone else had a vehicle that was made there. Pontiac vibe, Toyota matrix, Chevy prism, Toyota Corolla and Toyota Tacoma come to mind...
  2. TrevP

    Model 3 production line / equipment

    While I cannot give you specifics on the line and machinery, what I can say is that they are indeed installing the equipment and working around the clock on it. It was a beehive of activity when I was there!! I saw the "Alien dreadnought" with my own eyes and the name is very apt: it's massive...
  3. TrevP

    NEWSFLASH: Fremont retooling for Model 3 Feb 18 for 1 week

    Great News! Just received independent confirmation that Tesla is going into factory shutdown for 1 week Feb 18th to tool up for Model 3 production. NOTE: This does not mean production will start early. They have to have production lines have to be in place to produce production validation cars...
  4. TrevP

    Activity at the Fremont factory

    @Mad Hungarian tweeted a photo from his Fremont factory tour that shows some large earth moving equipment on site. He'll have a report soon on his trip but he says they were mum on the activity going on. I'm sure Tesla is prepping for an imminent factory expansion for Model 3
  5. TrevP

    First indications of Model 3 production plans

    From and All good news. Tomorrow is their first quarter earnings call and I'll be listening closely for any news on production plans.