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    How to order FSD post-delivery for $4k?

    I have a model 3 that I took delivery in January. Got EAP but not FSD. At the time FSD was an additional $4k after delivery. Now I see it for $5k although I read several reports that current owners who took delivery before they raised the price can still get it for $4k. How do I get that...
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    Road to Full Self-Driving (FSD)?

    Ok, so far I have gathered the following about Full Self-Driving (FSD) on de Model 3: it is an option that costs 3000 USD, on top of the Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) that costs 5000 USD EAP is a thing now, so you get EAP when you get the car FSD is not a thing yet, there are issues that need to be...
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    Time displacement of FSD: Same price or premium?

    Howdy folks, The Model 3 order I simulated prior to unveil based on model S options came in a little under what it actually will be, to the tune of $3k. The price of FSD. I think I'll have a few extra months of saving to help things out, but I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what...