home charging

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  1. CoastalCruiser

    Unofficial Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide now available

    https://teslatap.com/articles/tesla-model-3-home-charging-guide/ With the questions about charging a Model 3 ramping nearly as fast as the car itself it seemed that a comprehensive resource that folks could link to might be helpful. This charging guide is Model 3 specific, providing an overview...
  2. K

    120v at 20amp charming Model 3

    Hi Everyone, I live in a condo and my HOA will not allow me to increase the power to my person outlet in my parking spot. Currently I have a single dedicated receptacle that is running 120v at 20 amps to a dedicated 20 amp breaker. I’m wondering how many miles per hour of charge I would get...
  3. theishu

    Charging Cable Too Short?

    Has anyone found their 20' UMC or 25' HPWC cables to be too short to reach the car? I don't have a garage, and I have a reserved parking space in front of the house. If I install a NEMA or HPWC outlet on the house exterior, I would still need 35 to 40 feet of cable to run from the wall, along...
  4. A

    Plugged in just at night, or all day and all night?

    I've read that "a plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla" and plan to have my Model 3 plugged in every night at home. My workplace is going to be installing Tesla chargers soon however, which would allow me to charge at the office on the days that I'm there and save the electricity on my home bill...
  5. sandange

    Programming Charging Thoughts

    I'm not sure how programming charging on a Tesla works or if its all manually set I have been driving an EV now for over 5 years and am aware that the best state of charge for battery health is between 20% - 70% . Because of my very limited battery size in the vehicle I own now, every...
  6. Dan Detweiler

    Home Charging

    Hello Folks, I am currently a Chevy Volt owner and have been for almost 4 years. I have been very pleased with the car as it has exceeded all the promises Chevy made regarding the vehicle. I have used the regular 110 outlet to charge my Volt as it has been more than adequate for my needs...