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  1. T

    Model 3 price speculation for France

    With yesterday message from Tesla to discover model 3 in France starting today, I wanted to have an updated estimate of the price for it. Here is the guestimates and detailed calculation below RWD - mid range 50 010 – 50 819 € AWD - long range 58 631 – 59 371 € Model 3...
  2. KarenRei

    MR version order & delivery thread
  3. The Model 3 Guy

    {VIDEO} Pro Tips For your Model 3

    The PRO TIPS series is back!! With Vol.2
  4. MattyB

    Strategies to update with no WIFI access?

    Hi! Because of where I have to park in my condo building, there is no way my car will have regular access to WIFI unless my building decides to wire the parking garage, which may happen in 3-4 years after enough cars use it, but thats for tomorrow. I got my first few updates over LTE, but they...
  5. T Sportline

    Trick or Treat! Free Shipping until November 1st!

    Save on our Tesla Aftermarket Accessories with Free Shipping for customers within US and Canada! Sale Ends November 1st! Offer Terms & Conditions Get Free Shipping on select items. Valid online only for customers within US and Canada. Excludes 18" TST Wheels, 18" TST Wheel & Tire Packages, 19"...
  6. rxlawdude

    Delivery Problems?

    A couple of people on the Tesla owned fora have been disappointed at the last moment when Tesla informed them their cars were not in fact ready - the cars were apparently not even at the designated delivery center. This was at Costa Mesa and Marina del Rey, California delivery centers. One of...
  7. TrevP

    Tesla connectors poll. What would you prefer?

    Connectivity is crucial in this modern day and many people are struggling with Model 3 with wanting wireless charging, dashcam storage etc.. If you could have a voice with Tesla, what would you prefer to see in their cars?
  8. D

    Not turning off when I close the door

    As the title says, my model 3 occasionally doesn't turn off when I close the door. Screen stays on, music playing, heater blowing etc. I have to open the driver door and close again. Happens maybe 25% of the time.
  9. Frully

    The Orville's maiden voyage

    Not quite this Orville: No, This Orville: Waxed and tire shine'd. The blue with white is frankly phenomenal. Got her on the 27th and frankly couldn't be happier. It happened to line up with our vacation days so we decided to put her through her paces. Home, Calgary, AB. Destination...
  10. T Sportline

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing

    Buy our more aggressive and sporty gloss or matte carbon fiber trunk wing spoiler! Attaches with double sided tape that is already adhered to the wing! Silver Tesla Model 3 with Matte Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing and Space Gray 18" TST Flow Forged Turbine Wheels
  11. MelindaV

    dashcam conversations

    I did some shopping around for BlackVue a while back and this is what I came up with. There are currently two 650 models available with the only apparent difference in specs being the maximum MicroSD card size it can handle. Both come as a single forward camera or packaged with a rear facing...
  12. Yogi32

    Giving Uber & Lyft Rides In My Model 3 (Reactions)

    I took my Long Range RWD Model 3 out for a few hours to give rides and get people's reactions. Worth it!
  13. MTN Ranger


    My car seems like a magnet to road items (and those falling from the sky/garbage truck). PPF to the rescue again.
  14. J

    Gen 2 UMC Stops Working

    Hi all, I received my M3 last night and began charging before bed using the Gen 2 UMC plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It was charging and stated 7 hours remaining, however when I returned in the.morning charging had stopped and the UMC no longer lights up. There was a thunderstorm overnight so...
  15. I

    Model 3 Stays On After Exiting Vehicle

    Has anyone else had this issue? The car won't 'turn off' (I've come to understand that it doesn't actually turn off). Issue: during driving all systems are operating correctly. When I pull into a parking space, apply the brake, put the vehicle into Park, and undo my seat belt, the system...
  16. CaribbeanKing

    (SOLD) FS: Model 3 Diecast Day-one reservation model 1:43 scale - $75 obo

    I was a day-one reservation holder and thus received the Model 3 diecast gift when I picked up my car. I was a bit surprised to see these selling for over $100 on ebay. It's not something I would really use, so if anyone is interested, I'll sell it for $75 including shipping in the US. Brand...
  17. T Sportline

    T Sportline Referral Program

    We have grown from the ground up and continue to thrive because of our amazing customers. It's time for us to share the love back with our exclusive T Sportline Referral Program. Earn *points with every **purchase, and save to redeem for future **purchases. The program is simple. Send a friend...
  18. T Sportline

    Tesla Model 3 Seat Upgrade Interior Kit

    T Sportline offers a Seat Upgrade Interior Kit in Vegan (synthetic) or Leather for the Model 3. Our Seat Upgrade Kit is offered in a variety of colors and styles. We offer 3 different patterns: factory, diamond, and Insignia design pattern.
  19. RMSOX

    Model 3 Rolling Away Unattended!!!

    Model 3 Friends, I am desperately seeking some help/advice on something that happened to me less than 48 hours after taking ownership of my Model 3. Let me explain..... I went to our local farmer's market to pick up our weekly farm share. When I arrived there was quite a bit of traffic and...
  20. $ Trillion Musk

    Unexpected learnings or surprises about Model 3?

    To those who have the pleasure of owning a Model 3, have you encountered any unexpected surprises or have you learned anything new about the car since you took delivery? Hoping to consolidate some aspects of the Model 3 that haven’t yet been discussed or are infrequently discussed in the forums.
  21. MountainPass

    MPP Page Mill Stainless Steel Brake Lines

    We are excited to announce that our MPP Page Mill Stainless Steel Brake Lines are now available! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered, you helped make these possible. The community is #1, without your support we wouldn't be able to keep pushing the M3 to be its best, and the best...
  22. TC3Tesla

    Vampire drain stats during shipping

    I just shipped my Model 3 from CA to Korea because we are military stationed there. The stats are: Shipped with 299 mile charge Arrived with 161 mile charge 47 days in transit Vampire drain & the small amount driving it on & off carriers equals 2.94 miles per day. I’m very happy because I was...
  23. Ormond

    Discount on Demonstrators?

    Has anyone purchased a demonstrator? I am looking at a Model 3 Performance that is a demonstrator model. The only incentive offered to me at this time is 25 cents a mile, which isn't much for a car with 900 miles. I don't know if you can compare to the nice discounts on Models X or S. Please...
  24. Borkrebeis

    Mileage Reimbursement Rights

    So I am currently the only person at my employer that owns an electric car. I drive a Model 3. I was recently informed by my supervisor that I would no longer be allowed to expense mileage on my personal vehicle "because it is electric". This is coming on the heels of a huge department cutback...
  25. MountainPass

    THE FUTURE - Our Tesla Model 3 Development Car

    One of the first in Canada, our Model 3 has already been taken apart and put back together many times. It has taken us to the top of the podium at the racetrack, and also for long comfortable trips to the cottage. We have made a project page to share it's journey, from brand new and stock to...
  26. TrevP

    Model 3 Tutorial Videos by M3OC

    Very excited to unleash a set of 15 comprehensive Model 3 tutorial videos, perfect for newcomers or those still waiting for their cars. Subscribe today!
  27. Doug Joubert

    Our New Model 3!

    You're seeing her in City Park, New Orleans. She's a beaut! (and so is City Park)
  28. H

    My Model 3 Defects issues

    Hey everyone, in case you haven’t seen my Model 3 video. It shows the defects I discovered at the delivery center and after taking delivery. I dropped my car off at the Tesla Service center on 8/23/18 and my model 3 is still having work done on it. If you have any...