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  1. Matt Mannino

    Song to rock with in our new Model 3's - enjoy the ride!

    60's re-thread rocker and owner of Model 3 for three months offers new rock 'n roll Tesla Model 3 song with a twist... and shout! Stream free on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or download for 99 cents on CD Baby. I'm totally DIY songwriter in it for the fun! Search "Tesla Model 3" and "Matt...
  2. Doug Crow

    Questions about the streaming service

    I'm a new Model 3 owner, and currently have Apple Music on my other devices. I'm considering replacing Apple music with the streaming service (slacker radio, or whatever it's called) provided it gives me all the functionality Apple Music does. A couple things stand out. While I seem to be able...
  3. MrMatt

    Cant play a song twice?

    Got my M3 yesterday! but I'm sure there's something I'm missing here. I use the voice command and say "play the song Walk like an Egyptian" (daughter loves it) and it searches and then brings up the right song by the Bangles and plays it via streaming. Later that day, I use the voice command...
  4. Rich M

    Tesla a Band...

    I'll start Stone Temple Autopilots 100D(M)odel(X) ReGenesis kWh and the Sunshine Band Falcon Wings Paula Abdual motors Vanilla ICEd Lady Giga(factory)