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  1. Alex Gayer

    Loud banging noise when supercharging

    I've had my car for nearly a month now and every time I use a supercharger, as long as it's pulling in about 50 kW or higher, the battery pack will make loud banging noises. It sounds like a hammer hitting the car or like flexing a large piece of steel and it popping. It becomes louder and more...
  2. Urs

    Road/Tire Noise

    Has anybody been able to reduce the tire/road noise on rough pavements? It is like sitting inside a drum or a resonating chamber on certain road surfaces. Other surfaces are very quiet./ I already tried to stuff the frunk and the the trunk with pillows and blankets - hardly any difference. I...
  3. A

    Sun visor vibration

    Occasionally I get some vibration from the area around the driver sun visor mounting point (the fixed point, not the clip). Does anyone else have this problem and were they able to fix it? To be a bit more specific, the noise is usually audible when driving around 70-80mph, and moving the...