1. codeoverride

    Experiences with Repainting Silver Metallic? Light patch on hood :(

    Took delivery one week ago of a Silver Metallic Model 3. I spent a lot of time looking over the car but delivery bay was dark and it was so bright outside that I didn't notice a light patch of paint on the hood. I'm taking it in to the SC but assuming the only fix might be a repaint. I heard...
  2. O

    Ordering Model S/X/3 Paint Repair Kit

    Anybody recently order a paint repair kit from It says delivery may be delayed and I've heard that it takes months (looking to get Midnight Silver). I need to get one before ppf is installed in 2 weeks. Should I just order from Dr. Colorchip?
  3. HappyDad

    Exposed metal inside trunk not painted?!?

    I am curious to hear from other M3 owners whether they see painted or unpainted exposed metal inside their trunk? I looked inside my trunk and see that the exposed metal behind the rear seats and under rear dashboard is not painted to match body color. Just a beige/light brown color all...
  4. H

    My Model 3 Defects issues

    Hey everyone, in case you haven’t seen my Model 3 video. It shows the defects I discovered at the delivery center and after taking delivery. I dropped my car off at the Tesla Service center on 8/23/18 and my model 3 is still having work done on it. If you have any...
  5. cfcubed

    Simple DIYs to avoid or delay SC visit

    New around here & first-time Tesla owner of June-built 027XXX VIN RWD Model 3 delivered in July. Post under same username @ but find "noise" there, like questions easily answered through search or car's manual, scores of (nearly) identical subject threads, make things...
  6. D

    Paint Protection - Autoflex'ed with the concept M3 silver during reveal with PRODIPPER NYC

    Took a lot of time deciding weather I wanted xpel again on my new tesla vs auto-flex and weighing the pros and cons, I went with auto-flex this time and was deeply impressed. Here's a video of my car getting autoflexed by PRODIPPER in NYC in a Satin/Matte carbon-sterling silver. Before and...
  7. TheTony

    Had body/paint work done? Experiences?

    I don't see a body or paint repair experiences thread, so figured I'd start one and post my situation: I had someone back into my 3 in a parking lot after only a few weeks of ownership. The damage is minor and appears to be limited to the paint in one small section on the rear bumper (just...
  8. benthebear

    Paint differences

    I am getting ready to finalize my order!!! It has been over 2 years since I slept outside the showroom(in Rocklin Ca) to put in my reservation. I have heard that the black paint here in California is "soft" and scratches/chips easy per all our regulations. My question is this: 1. is the black...
  9. @

    Paint nicks already argh

    Welp one week in found some annoying pain nicks on the hood. I eventually want to wrap car (I think) but any advice from anyone? Does Tesla have a service that will fix or other thoughts ?
  10. justinrc

    Model S paint (mentioned in episode)

    Hi everyone, I have reserved a Model 3 but am starting to contemplate getting a Model S instead of waiting. Recently there was an episode of M3OC where various paint options were discussed. In the episode there was 1 type of paint that was highly criticised as being difficult to maintain and...
  11. ATLm3

    Which color for your model 3

    With Model3config out and endless time on our hands waiting to order I am sure just about everyone has thought about what color they want their Model 3 to be. So based off of the current Tesla color pallet with matte black thrown into the mix, what color will your M3 be?
  12. Robert Pickel

    Paint Protection, Film, and Coatings

    How many will be having an after-market paint protectant product applied to your new Model 3 immediately upon delivery? If so, which product? Will you have it professionally applied by a detailer, or will you do it yourself? How much do you estimate this will cost? If not using a...
  13. jkchiang

    Paint colors

    Came across these paint color renderings to give people an idea of how the 3 looks in other paint colors. Have to admit the white with black wheels looks sexy as hell.
  14. Van Shrider

    Matte Paint

    I honestly thought that the car at the reveal with the matte paint was kick ass. It was the finish that I was thinking about going with for my model 3. Then I stopped by the Tesla showroom tonight and when I mentioned the matte paint the rep started naming all types of issues that can arise...