rough ride

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  1. J

    Model 3 VS Ford F-150 Road Test

    It's no secret that the Model 3 doesn't ride well on rough city streets. In fact many have said it's ride on a bumpy city road is a harsh a truck. So how does it compare to the Ford F-150?
  2. J

    Is there anyway to improve the ride?

    The Model 3 is supposed to be "the first mainstream electric car" unfortunately the ride on city streets is very bumpy. All the other cars I have driven ride better on these same roads. I have the 18 inch wheels which should be smoother than the 19 inch wheels. I have tried reducing the tire...
  3. J

    Model 3 vs Leaf suspensions/ride

    After 3 weeks of ownership, the worse thing about the Model 3 is the ride on city streets: It rides like a pick-up truck on Los Angeles' and San Francisco's concrete streets. Very disappointing.