software updates

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  1. victor

    Firmware Build v9.0 2018.48.12.1 d6999f5 (12/18/2018)

    Just received it in Canada.
  2. MattyB

    Strategies to update with no WIFI access?

    Hi! Because of where I have to park in my condo building, there is no way my car will have regular access to WIFI unless my building decides to wire the parking garage, which may happen in 3-4 years after enough cars use it, but thats for tomorrow. I got my first few updates over LTE, but they...
  3. Bokonon

    Tesla Owners Will be Able to Request Software Update

    For anyone out there wondering, "Why, oh why am I not running the latest firmware?! I reallyreallyreally want those EAP updates / new maps / moar bacon / software-locked HUD!!!" Well, straight from the horse's mouth...
  4. Bokonon

    Android Mobile App Updates List - Newest 3.8.0 - Seat Heater Control and Schedule Service (12/21/2018)

    Greetings, all! This is the Android-specific version of the iOS Mobile App Updates thread, intended to track and log changes to the Tesla app for Android. As with the iOS thread, please comment below with changes, bugs/issues and other thoughts that you encounter in the Tesla Android app, and I...
  5. Robert Pickel

    Items yet to come...

    What is the latest on if/when "summon" and "camper mode" will be made available on the Model 3?
  6. cfickett

    Software Updates from Tesla

    I am a Model 3 reservation holder and will be living in a location where my car will be parked outside of the range of any wifi. Will I still be able to receive software updates via the built in LTE in the car? I am hoping that it will only take longer and still be able to receive the updates...