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  1. The Model 3 Guy

    {Video} SUMMON in CANADA

    Summon in CANADA. Finally!
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Firmware build v9.0 2018.39.7 9736c9b (10/12/2018)

    New version found on a Model 3 in North Carolina.
  3. B

    Summon not working?

    Been getting this for the last two days. Previously everything was working and I was able to pull the car in and out of my garage but now I get this error message and also noticed Homelink stopped working. Going to try and delete my Homelink settings and start over to see if that helps but...
  4. W

    Summon only on the flat?

    My understanding is that Summon currently only works on relatively level ground. Is this true? I've been too chicken to try to use Summon to pull into and out of our narrow garage, but this is a feature that would be really welcome if it is workable. Our driveway is only a few feet longer...
  5. reallove

    Summon settings - discussion

    Now that "summon" is being rolled out, what are the recommendations for distance and clearance? Why would one increase/reduce the distance? And what would best work in terms of clearance?
  6. Robert Pickel

    Items yet to come...

    What is the latest on if/when "summon" and "camper mode" will be made available on the Model 3?