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    Tesla takes 40 steps and 90 minutes to produce a Model 3 at the Fremont Factory

    Originally published at evannex.com. As Tesla’s production ramp for the Model 3 continues to improve, so does its process. Part of this can be attributed to engineering efficiencies. Business Insider reports, “After a recent visit to the company’s Fremont, California factory, analyst Pierre...
  2. P3D4DPA

    3D printed J1772 Adapter Thingy

    I am sharing a 32A charger with my spouse and her Chevy Bolt EV and use that Tesla-supplied small adapter for the ChargePoint plug. It was beginning to be a nuisance to put it in the trunk, have it roll around the centre console, or fear constantly misplacing it in the garage. So I...

    Tesla's third-largest shareholder backs the 'genius' of Elon Musk

    Originally published at evannex.com. Scottish investment firm Baillie Gifford is Tesla’s third largest shareholder, and the fund managers want everyone to know they are still bullish on the stock. Instead of obsessing about Elon Musk’s salty tweets, investors should focus on the vast...

    The ‘Tesla Stretch’ Is Proving Car Buyers Will Pay More For A Model 3

    Originally published at evannex.com. The Tesla Model 3 is turning out to be an electric car that's seducing car buyers across multiple market segments. According to CleanTechnica, "45% of current electric car drivers plan to buy a Tesla next." Okay, that's understandable. Non-Tesla EV drivers...

    Tesla Beats Big Auto's EVs In Efficiency

    Originally published at evannex.com. In marketing materials and press coverage of EVs, the first spec cited is usually range — the distance a car can travel on a single charge. Now that a new generation of EVs offers enough range for most drivers’ daily needs, prospective buyers should also...

    Tesla’s new board chair, Robyn Denholm, says that ‘constructive conflict’ is important

    Originally published at evannex.com. Questions arose when Tesla announced its new board chair Robyn Denholm. How might the seasoned executive interface with Tesla's hard-charging CEO Elon Musk? Richard Walters (via Financial Times) reports that "Ms Denholm has always described herself as direct...


    Originally published at evannex.com. If you haven't seen it yet, feast your eyes on this stunning "Special Ops" project from Tesla in conjunction with SS Customs. They've created an eye-catching camouflage Tesla that announces the company's U.S. Veterans Program across the side of the vehicle...
  8. KarenRei

    MR version order & delivery thread

  9. MelindaV

    dashcam conversations

    I did some shopping around for BlackVue a while back and this is what I came up with. There are currently two 650 models available with the only apparent difference in specs being the maximum MicroSD card size it can handle. Both come as a single forward camera or packaged with a rear facing...
  10. Yogi32

    Giving Uber & Lyft Rides In My Model 3 (Reactions)

    I took my Long Range RWD Model 3 out for a few hours to give rides and get people's reactions. Worth it!
  11. MTN Ranger


    My car seems like a magnet to road items (and those falling from the sky/garbage truck). PPF to the rescue again.
  12. Omega

    Ceramic Pro Coating Service in Houston

    Thanks to the recommendation from Ibukun (aka @JOUL3S), I just used the coating service from David. This man is very careful with his work and super details in his job for all parts of my car (body, glasses, wheel rims under aero cap, and even the nuts on the wheels!!!). My M3 still looks...
  13. H

    My Model 3 Defects issues

    Hey everyone, in case you haven’t seen my Model 3 video. It shows the defects I discovered at the delivery center and after taking delivery. I dropped my car off at the Tesla Service center on 8/23/18 and my model 3 is still having work done on it. https://youtu.be/9-lpjElV6rI If you have any...
  14. MTN Ranger

    My Home Charging Setup

    Raining day yesterday, so I thought I would show my home charging setup.
  15. zosoisnotaword

    Auto and Remote Climate Control Bug - Floor Vent Hurricane

    tl;dr: No matter the conditions, climate control starts at full speed on floor vents when started in auto mode or when started remotely from app. Excessive details: For the past two weeks (since July 18) I have had a consistent issue with my HVAC in auto mode and with remote pre-conditioning...
  16. CoastalCruiser

    Unofficial Tesla Model 3 Home Charging Guide now available

    https://teslatap.com/articles/tesla-model-3-home-charging-guide/ With the questions about charging a Model 3 ramping nearly as fast as the car itself it seemed that a comprehensive resource that folks could link to might be helpful. This charging guide is Model 3 specific, providing an overview...
  17. Jasper

    Has Tesla given anyone else OCD except for me !

    Short story long, I'm sure I can't be the only one that thinks about having a Tesla all day long and that's mostly all what I think about. I never could afford a Model S and have been in love with Tesla since they started. Then when the announcement of the Model 3 at 35k and the federal rebate...
  18. S

    For You Gearheads - Miss the Manual Transmission and Sound?

    Let me introduce myself. I'm a car enthusiast. I love speed. I love the connection between the driver and car. I love rowing my own gears. I love the sweet sound of the engine and exhaust in perfect harmony with the acceleration and deceleration of the car. For those who consider themselves...
  19. Mark Benson

    Images & Video: Tesla hides large number of Model 3

    This week, few Tesla lovers found roughly 2,000 Model 3 vehicles lined-up in the parking lot of a building near Tesla’s Fremont factory in the Bay Area. They immediately took Twitter as the medium of exchanging and sharing this info along with photos and videos of the building. One of them had...
  20. PNWmisty

    Musk claims ex-employ admits being bribed by a journalist

    You can't make this stuff up! https://bgr.com/2018/07/05/elon-musk-tesla-shorts-insider-trading/ People feel so threatened by Tesla products they want the company to curl up and die.
  21. CoastalCruiser

    Emily Litella July 4th Special Report:

    Coastal Cruiser has been asked by ex Saturday Night reporter Emily Litella for equal time to reply to a story on Tesla. Here now is July 4th Special Correspondent Emily Litella with today's Holiday Headlines: "Hello. What's this nonsense about Herman Munster, Crazy Guggenheim, Humphrey Bogart...
  22. CoastalCruiser

    Clean Technica Article: In Search Of The $35,000 Tesla Model 3

    Just a little piece to try and add perspective to the notion of the 35K version of the car. :> https://cleantechnica.com/2018/07/02/in-search-of-the-35000-tesla-model-3/
  23. Mark Benson

    Tesla CIO Gary Clark Steps Down

    As part of Tesla's restructuring plan to achieve profitability in the second half of the year, Chief Information Officer Gary Clark is resigning from the company, according to Electrek. https://news.alphastreet.com/teslas-information-chief-gary-clark-steps-down/ So what will be the future of...
  24. D

    Autocharger mention on Tesla website

    Never noticed this before on the tesla website in the Full-self driving section: "For Superchargers that have automatic charge connection enabled, you will not even need to plug in your vehicle" I think first time outside of that youtube video Tesla shared are they talking about auto charge.
  25. S

    Southern California Installer: Wicked Auto Detailing

    Hello! We just wanted to say hello from Wicked Auto Detailing in Costa Mesa California! We offer Feynlab ceramic coatings as well as many other paint protection and restyling services. We have a lot of experience with Tesla and we also have a direct relationship with Costa Mesa Tesla service...
  26. Maurice

    AZ SRP Powerwall Incentive

    In case any of you are Arizona residents, have SRP, and are interested in a Tesla Powerwall: SRP just announced this $1800 incentive (see below) after losing a lawsuit to Tesla (original story from Electrek). But, there are only 4500 total available and as of this writing there are 3362...
  27. @

    Model 3 initial feedback and delivery experience

    Just wanted to share some quick thoughts as I finally picked up my model 3 (camped out on 3/31/16 and first time Tesla owner) The experience picking up the car was amazing. Friendly customer service who took their time and went the extra mile. I think not taking delivery at the quarter...
  28. TeslaGirl00

    Model 3 vs Model A Side By Side. beautiful pics!

    I just saw this in my Model 3 Facebook Group and had to share it.