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  1. PabloG

    Hi, I got hit by a rock my first week with my M3

    In true fashion that only I can manage, on Tuesday I got hit by a rock the size of a baseball on I-35 heading to... Round Rock. Wednesday was my one-week delivery anniversary. Blue Velvet is in the shop until Tuesday. Fingers crossed that the hood repaint looks good as new!
  2. Dr. J

    Texas $2,500 EV Rebate - hearing on Dec. 11, 2017

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is writing rules to implement the Legislature’s clean vehicle rebate program, which provides rebates of $2,500 for EV purchases. Last time (2014), Tesla cars did not qualify because sales were restricted to Texas auto dealers. There is nothing in...
  3. Michael Russo

    Houston MeetUp proposed

    Hello Houstonians. While normally in Belgium, I am on a business trip in the area through 11/19 so I thought if any one or more of you live in the area it could be fun to meet briefly and exchange on our shared passion! So... I'll be at the T≡SLA Store @ the Galleria mall on Saturday (11/12) at...

    Texas Delivery?

    Can anyone shed light on the Tesla delivery process in Texas? There is some rumblings of progress on allowing sales here, but I don't see it really happening with how corrupt all these politicians are, so how does it work? I heard something about the cars being registered in CA first....