1. J

    Gen 2 UMC Stops Working

    Hi all, I received my M3 last night and began charging before bed using the Gen 2 UMC plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It was charging and stated 7 hours remaining, however when I returned in the.morning charging had stopped and the UMC no longer lights up. There was a thunderstorm overnight so...
  2. darco

    UMC 5-20 trips GFCI, 5-15 works great

    Hello everyone, I've been charging my Model 3 at home using the Tesla 2nd Gen UMC with the 5-15 adapter. It has been (slowly) working great so far. The outlet and circuit are 20-amp with a 20-amp GFCI, so I bought a 5-20 adapter to get a (slightly) faster charge. This same GFCI outlet works...
  3. N

    Charge door not opening when pressing button on UMC

    The title says it all. I got my model 3 on Monday and supercharged it twice on the way home. I'm currently using the UMC to charge my car (waiting to get hpwc installed). When I go to charge my car I'll press the button on the charge handle and nothing happens. I've made sure the car was...
  4. Gary Dz

    Mobile Connector Giving 5 red blinks and green stream.

    My mobile connector is giving a 5 blink error code when charging for both the NEMA 5-15 120V plug (tried several) and the NEMA 14-50 240V 50 A plugs. To be honest, I did not concern myself with it when at first using the 120 V connector. It would read charging at 3 MPH at 8 amps. It was when I...
  5. MTN Ranger

    My Home Charging Setup

    Raining day yesterday, so I thought I would show my home charging setup.
  6. C

    FS:Free - 3D printed wall connector for Gen 1 UMC

    Hello, I ended up printing Gen 1 UMC; this one This is old connector for S & X, I believe and does not fit my connector that came with 3. I printed this in Red PLA and can let you have it if you are willing to pick it up or willing to pay priority...
  7. Bokonon

    POLL: Mobile Connector + NEMA 14-50 + GFCI Breaker Reliability

    There are some anecdotal reports of interrupted charging sessions floating around from some Tesla Owners who charge with the Mobile Connector plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a circuit with a GFCI breaker. The typical case is a NEMA 14-50 receptacle installed near a driveway, parking space...
  8. PTFI

    UMC Exact Size

    I'm having my NEMA 14-50 installed Sunday, I know that the charger is 20ft long, but for maximum placement efficiency I need to know the exact length from point A to point B in the photo.