‘I want my family back in a Tesla’ says father after surviving severe crash in a Model X

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Sep 28, 2016

Orthopaedic surgeon Jonathan Braman has spent a lot of time working on patients injured in violent car accidents. That’s why he knew what to expect for his family and himself after his Tesla Model X was struck by a large GMC truck at over 45 mph after it ran a red light. To his surprise however, all 6 passengers (and his dog) walked away from the severe accident.

Braman credits Tesla and Elon Musk for keeping his family away from serious injury or death by designing what could very well be one of the safest vehicles ever built. Let’s take a look at all of the factors why through Braman’s accident, which happened in Bloomington, MN, over the weekend. more…

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Apr 4, 2016
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I have to say, that Yukon looks surprisingly intact compared to the X.

For the Tesla, the impact appears to have come mainly from the side. This type of impact isn't tested for (when the impact is not to the passenger compartment), since it should generally not result in passenger injuries. Since there's no need for a heavy frame ahead of the wheels to support an engine, the frontend of a Tesla is relatively lightweight, and so the Yukon basically tore through that section.

The good news is that the entire passenger cabin of the X is in perfect shape. Even that huge, expensive panoramic windshield is intact.

The Yukon clipped the very front passenger corner of the X. For the Yukon, it was an offset-frontal collision. Given current NHTSA testing, this is a type of crash that automakers put a lot of time & effort into surviving. Since it hit a vehicle without an engine in the front, it didn't meet as much resistance as it normally would have, so damage to the Yukon is fairly minimal.

I'd say that both vehicles performed very well for allowing their passengers to survive the crash.