.11 share $SCTY to $TSLA math

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Apr 2, 2016
Vancouver, WA
Tesla Owner
Model 3
Assuming the deal goes thru, with an online brokerage account (AKA DIY) how do the odd bits of SCTY stock that do not add up to a full share get dealt with in the transition to TSLA stock? would it be best to add extra SCTY shares to equal out to close to an even share? or will any amounts equaling less than a full TSLA share be returned to cash? Would it remain as a fraction of a $TSLA share?
As an example 50 $SCTY shares at .11 would be 5.5 $TSLA shares. How would that .5 show up? Should 5 more shares of $SCTY be added making it 6.05 $TSLA shares (then having a .05 excess)