Alabama regulator votes against solar net metering – now seeking $250,000/year in solar...

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Sep 28, 2016

A member of the Alabama Public Service Commissions (PSC), the group that regulates the state’s power companies, who voted against net metering solar power recently sought an opinion from the same PSC as to whether or not a Community Solar Power plant, paying him approximately $250,000/year for 20 years on his family’s land, would be an ethics violation. This clown basically helped block residential solar in one of the sunniest US states but wants to take $5M to put a solar installation on his family’s land.

The PSC (sorta) voted against commissioner Chip Beeker’s solar plans:

“The Commission has held that business relationships with entities that intend to do business with entities the public official regulates create conflicts of interest,” Ethics Commission Executive Director Tom Albritton wrote.

The commissioner, whose son earns money from the monopoly approved power company, has doubts about climate change: “I believe that no matter what you call it, a myth is still a myth, and the so-called ‘climate change crisis’ is about as real as unicorns and little green men from Mars.”


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