Be Careful with the Summon "Tight" Setting


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Jul 15, 2018
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Model 3
Update: After further testing, I realized I'm in an awkward situation where Summon will always abort entering the garage if it's set to "standard", but when leaving the garage, it will sometimes improperly back up towards another car on the driveway and abort as well, if it's set to "Tight". I think it's funny that my Model 3 always tries to hit non-Tesla cars when Summon is reversing, but if it's another Tesla, it always backs up perfectly, almost as if it is sentient.


Before I mastered Summon, I changed the mode to "Tight", falsely believing my garage was narrow. However, that setting is really for super narrow garages where you can't store decent size crates on each side.

So here's my warning from experience: Using the "Tight" summon setting when it is unnecessary may cause the Model 3 to swerve towards a parked vehicle on your driveway even if there is a ton of space on the other side, as it is confused. (It came within an inch or two of hitting the other car.)

I tested this twice to ensure it wasn't a fluke, and it once again came alarmingly close to the other car on the right side of the driveway. After switching to "Standard" it was able to perfectly back out, leaving plenty of space between the other car.
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