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BMW unveils new repurpose battery storage system and grid offset ‘ChargeForward’ solutions ...

Discussion in 'News from Electrek.co' started by RSSFeed, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Sep 28, 2016

    At EV29 in Montreal today, BMW announced a stationary battery storage system not unlike the Tesla Powerwall that can expand with older BMW i3 22 kWh or 33kWh batteries as they become available to power the home. In the press shot above, it looks like the “2nd life” batteries were literally ripped out of the bottom of an i3 as opposed to Tesla’s slightly more elegant Powerwall packaging approach. The idea is that as these i3 car batteries lose a certain percentage of their charge/discharge capability over the years, they can be pulled out and put on a garage wall and keep the average American house, which uses 15-30kWh/day, lit up for a long time and indefinitely with solar panels recharging during the day… more…

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