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Canadian CPO prices and availability

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BobLoblaw, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Well, after pricing out a Model 3 with the features I'm looking for (long range, premium, wheels and paint) I'm getting really tempted to pull the trigger on a CPO Model S instead. Then we can hang onto it for 4 years or so, by which time hopefully things have moved along a bit. I'm also thinking that a CPO has already taken the biggest depreciation hit, something that the Model 3 will be insulated against for a while (demand) but not indefinitely.

    Problem is, here in Canada the CPO prices seem to be way out to lunch reference the US, and the availability is quite poor. Just wondering if anyone has had good success finding a 2013-2014 CPO 85 - and has suggestions that helped in the process. I'm subscribed to EV-CPO already, and checking the site pretty much daily.

    I have to admit, I'm kinda bummed but excited at the prospect of going with an S instead of the 3. It's really more car than I have ever thought I wanted, but with price of the 3 where it is I can't justify not looking at it. In Canada a nicely equipped 3 is going to cost close to 70k, before taxes. If I can find a CPO 85 S for around that (one has sold at that price according to EV-CPO, and the private market shows some examples), I think I really need to look at them.

    Thanks for any advice, suggestions, etc.

    Edited: Looks like the prices may not be as far out as I thought. Lower priced 85's in the US look to be lacking Air Suspension....
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