Car and Driver predicts Tesla Model 3 will be 2 years late, here’s why they are wrong

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Sep 28, 2016

There’s no doubt that Tesla has suffered several delays on its product launches (heck, even its events rarely start on time). From the Roadster to the Model X, and now even Tesla Energy products are being slightly pushed back a few months. But what about its most important product to date and arguably the most time sensitive: the Tesla Model 3?

Tesla says it will arrive in late 2017, but in its latest issue, the popular automotive magazine Car and Driver claims the Model 3 will not arrive until late 2019, 2 years late, and it backs its prediction with a set of formulas. more…

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TGOC Founder / Administrator
Mar 1, 2016
Tesla Owner
Model X
The problem lies with companies not truly understanding the reasons why Model X was late and they're convinced Model 3 will suffer the same fate just because.

Model S development and production start was on time and in most cases was actually ahead of schedule. Tesla had an internal buffer as to when they announced their reached milestones with the media. Ramp was a bit slow but that's expected for a competely new car company on a new line with a new product.

Tesla designed Model 3 to be easy to make from all the knowledge they gained making Model S and X and making sure this time that suppliers are ready with dead serious cutoff dates, consequences and finally their own plans on making parts in house should suppliers not deliver.

If Model 3 is delayed it won't be because Tesla decided to put too much tech or features into the car or were unprepared for the demand. They've already addressed those issues.


Active Member
Apr 27, 2016
Dallas Fort-Worth, TX
I am cautiously optimistic that production will arrive on time and that I get my car in late 2017 early 2018 (I live in Texas so I should be part of the second round to get the car). I guess my concern will be that I get the car and something that is produced on such a massive scale for a newer car company could have some glitches like software bugs or flawed designs that cause a major problem. We've seen that on the Model S and the Model X and I think should be expected with any new car that ANY manufacturer makes. I'm trusting that Tesla's reputation as a great customer service company will rectify any of those issues in a timely manner. I also don't expect that if I do have a problem where the car goes into the shop because its undriveable that they will be able to provide me with a loner car seeing as there will be so many more Tesla owners and so many more Tesla cars being serviced.

I have faith in the company, I wouldn't own as much stock with them if I didn't. Time will tell with all the worries.

Gary Moore

Well-Known Member
Apr 10, 2016
Mountain House, CA
It's not a lack of "understanding" prevailing among oil tycoons, purveyors of gas-powered carts, and their doting banksters; it's just that wilting, lilting choral sound of their mutual whistling past the graveyard.

When exposed by a tiny Cairn Terrier, the blustery shout is initially, "the Great and Powerful Oz has spoken!"; however, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

The showmanship must go on!

(Hikers know that a "cairn" is a nice pile of rocks which tells you where the trail really goes.)

Eventually, the bountiful hot air will fill up a balloon as a ride back to Kansas for the grieving huckster.

Show's over folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.