Cargo hooks

scott franco

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Apr 11, 2018
san jose, california
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Ok, so the back has NO FREAKING CARGO HOOKS AT ALL. I carry a folding bike in back (always). I don't like it slamming around back there (usually when demoing a tear out in the car). My Spark has cargo hooks for goodness sake!

Points I have found for others with this issue:

1. The rear hatch latch can be hooked to, and the door still closes.

2. The baby seat anchors at the top of the back seats is designed to attach to from inside the car, but can be used inside the trunk if you attach a hardware store hook like a carbiner underneath.

3. (real paydirt) I found 4 interesting fairly thick square hooks under the seat backs at the bottom. These can have a strap run through them into the trunk and won't show from the passenger compartment.

This is something Tesla should add, I think.