Free Supercharging for Wildfires

  • If you haven't taken delivery yet or plan on ordering you can still get the 6 months of FREE Supercharging only until December 17th all Model 3s now qualify! Call or email your Tesla delivery advisor and give them our code


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Jun 2, 2017
Chicago IL
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I think it is great that Tesla takes care of their customers during natural disasters like the hurricanes and recent wildfires. Making temporary changes so that evacuees can get free supercharging is huge!

For some reason, I got this recent offer extended to me (maybe because I did a lot of California driving/supercharging last month) or maybe we all got it. I won’t take advantage since I won’t need to supercharge until mid-December but, if it has mistakenly gone to everyone, I hope we’ll all be careful. We don’t want to make Tesla reverse their humanitarian trends by being selfish.

Just me?