From Electrek: ‘Car Guys’ can love electric cars too. In fact, true innovators seem to...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    ‘Car Guys’ can love electric cars too. In fact, true innovators seem to flock to the new tech


    Some car enthusiasts worry that the coming of EVs represents the death of something special in the automotive spirit. Let me show you why that won’t happen.

    My father is a “car guy.” He has a ’56 Ford Thunderbird which he personally restored and modified himself. It has the original 292 engine – not the 312 from the ’57’s – but he bored out the cylinders to make it a 327 and slapped three 2-barrel Stromberg 97 carburetors on it. All the chrome is blacked out, the continental kit is missing (because the rear end was donated from a ’55 after the original ’56 has a rear collision), and it has a bitchin’ paint job with dark maroon ghost racing stripes, which never fail to surprise people and attract comments at the many car shows he attends.

    He also had a MINI E – one of about 500 made, the predecessor to the BMW ActiveE that was then the predecessor to the BMW i3. The car was a prototype for a prototype, not ready for primetime, but still a great little car – his favorite car of any he’s ever had. If he could have kept it he would have, but unfortunately the program was lease-only and BMW only wanted to use the car as a pilot program for their “i” division.

    Back in 2009-2011, he would take the MINI E to car shows, and encountered a fair amount of skepticism from assorted gearheads, even here in Southern California, the land of EVs. Now in 2016, among his group of six Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche-owning friends who meet every weekend at the local Cars & Coffee, three of them have Fiat 500Es which they love.

    What am I getting at with all this? It’s possible to be an old-timey, fume-sniffing, roaring exhaust “car guy” and still appreciate the performance, comfort, convenience, and environmental aspects of electric vehicles.


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