From Electrek: Audi confirms production of its second all-electric car at its Brussels...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Audi confirms production of its second all-electric car at its Brussels plant in 2019


    While Audi’s electric vehicle effort still mostly only exist in press releases and concepts, it looks like it’s about to move to production in a significant way if we are to believe them.

    The German automaker confirmed today that the e-tron Sportback, which they were just teasing Tesla and Elon Musk about in a new billboard ad, will go into production at its Brussels plant in 2019. more…


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    Apr 3, 2016
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    This car has some nice design cues copied from the TM3. I can't get by the front fascia that looks like somebody jammed a square cork in a mouth. I can't see how this car will match TM3's Cd. So we have here a four seater that I predict will sell for $70K+ here in the US. Good luck with that!
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