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    Sep 28, 2016
    California should ignore the naysayers, and dive into wind and solar as they aim for 100% clean energy


    California recently put forth a resolution to consider 100% renewable electricity by 2045, paving the way for solar and wind to spread their wings as the main electricity sources in a state on the frontier of renewable energy. But Julian Specter at Greentech Media argues the choice to forego other market choices in California, to focus solely on wind and solar as electricity sources, is a bad strategy to achieve lower climate warming emissions.

    I think that logic put forth by GTM is wrong. California needs to aggressively chase this path toward 100% renewable for the following reasons: one, the state is only one market among many; two, prior examples of ultra-focused groups ‘over investing’ in a technology have brought about amazing change; three, wind and solar technology can get it done; and, finally, legislative paths can change if need be.

    California can go it alone and focus on these high probabilities of victory technologies without hurting the rest of us. In fact, it probably needs to so the rest of us can benefit from their advancements.


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  2. Gary Moore

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    Apr 10, 2016
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    When will these silly capitalist thinkers finally realize that their system is based upon money, a token with only imaginary and humanly manipulated value? There were actually other kinds of marketplaces during feudalism, and marketplaces of some sort will be here long after capitalism has faded away.

    On the other hand, energy is within the realm of physics. (For real estate slogan buffs, California is not considering hauling coal to Newcastle, either. My Welsh coal miner ancestors would find that market strategy at least ludicrous, if not maximum plaid. California doesn't find that to be a very good business venture either.) California has sun and wind. Who exactly needs imports? A few weeks ago, the wind was coming through the mountains of Northern California at about 200 mph.

    If California somehow ran out of wind and sun, it's got 840 miles of Pacific coast, and the moon and the tidal energy won't evaporate very soon as a potential back-up power supply. Trade and those added expenses associated with it are only necessary for stuff of which you don't have enough.

    The sun delivers 500 over times the current annual energy needs of all of humankind to planet Earth from around 93 million miles away, with a quite consistent delivery time of eight minutes. (Top that supply chain, Jeff Bezos!)

    America did not really want California for a long time, even though they had previously sent in the Marines to take it. Then, they discovered the reality that gold was hidden here, and suddenly stage coaches and the Pony Express were way too slow, and statehood was offered.

    In the survivor contest between capitalism and California, my imaginary tokens are all on the team with the Grizzly on their flag. What's in your wallet?
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  3. Topher

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    May 11, 2016
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    Why so slow?

    Thank you kindly.

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