From Electrek: Chevy Bolt EV deliveries in the US are still flat despite market expansions:...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Chevy Bolt EV deliveries in the US are still flat despite market expansions: 978 units


    GM’s Chevy Bolt EV sales went down in February in the middle of its production ramp up and now we learn that they have stayed at the same level, 978 units, in March, according to GM’s delivery report today.

    While it’s not uncommon to see delays during a production ramp up, we are now 4 months into the start of production and GM has been expanding the Chevy Bolt EV’s market without more inventory. more…

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    Oct 17, 2016
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    Looks like a door wonder sales are weak. Who has a passionate desire to own this thing? Time for GM to ship off the excellent bolt platform to Buick or Cadillac designers to create a Porsche Macan looking cuv. Add a rear motor for awd and price the vehicle up another 10 grand..

    I am a loyal GM buyer and have spent over a quarter of a million dollars on GM products..i.e. Corvettes and cadillacs..but this bolt is so homely it's really designed for Lyft drivers who don't care about style and want space and energy efficiencies...

    Consumers for the most part want sexy lines like the tesla model 3 when they buy...

    Or the jaguar f pace design in cuv s....
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