From Electrek: Chevy Bolt EV mis-advertising access to Tesla Supercharger and CHAdeMO...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Chevy Bolt EV mis-advertising access to Tesla Supercharger and CHAdeMO stations it can’t use


    There seems to be an unlikely rivalry brewing amongst charging networks and while at first, it can be seen as a good thing since competition is generally good for customers, it now seems to have reached a point of weird misinformation which is starting to become detrimental to EV customers.

    It started back in September after GM launched its marketing efforts for the Chevy Bolt EV and partnered up with ChargePoint for charging. Forbes immediately tried to make a pageview-grabbing war ‘Tesla Supercharger vs ChargePoints’, but I think we shut that down quickly. (TL;DR: Tesla owners can use ChargePoint’s DC stations and do often, but not as often – see below – as ChargePoint asserts)

    It didn’t end there since GM is now using CHAdeMO and Tesla Superchargers in its advertising of its new all-electric car, even though the vehicle doesn’t have the capability to use either of those two types of charging stations. more…

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