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From Electrek: EGEB: Nevada’s new battery laws excite industry, retired US military want...

Discussion in 'News from Electrek.co' started by RSSFeed, Jun 7, 2017.

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    EGEB: Nevada’s new battery laws excite industry, retired US military want Advanced Energy, more


    Electrek Green Energy Brief: A daily technical, financial and political review/analysis of important green energy news.

    Nevada Just Became the Most Exciting State for Energy Storage Policy – Nevada killing the duck curve: Each kilowatt-hour of energy delivered by a qualified energy storage device will count double for the purposes of meeting the RPS requirement…if discharged during peak period. This is great in one sense – it will drive energy storage people to attack the duck curve (early evening peak usage as people get home). The flip side though – if electricity coming from a battery counts toward the RPS, and the original electricity made by the solar system counts toward the RPS – then will they want less total clean energy? Got a tweet out to the author to get some refinement.

    Retired military brass urge U.S. to lead world on advanced (not clean) energy – Released in a report titled, ‘Advanced Energy and US National Security,’ former US military leaders push current US leadership to take up ‘Advanced Energy’ for strong global security reasons. The document advises the United States position itself as energy demand shifts toward China and India from Europe and the USA. As countries who control and produce energy sign larger deals with larger populations, it may place further stress on the US geopolitical positions. The report says nothing of climate change and focuses solely upon energy and its effect on military might. Good enough reason for me.



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