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    Sep 28, 2016
    Electrek green energy brief: 90% new 2016 EU capacity clean, Australia’s advanced grid, Korean polysilicon replacing US, more


    90% of new electricity capacity in Europe renewable (50%+ offshore wind) – In the US we saw that 67% of the electricity coming from hardware built in 2016 was clean, with wind+solar+nuclear doing the heavy lifting. In Europe, the capacity installed was 90% renewable. That’s hardware that is going to be producing energy with no additional fuel, only human upkeep, for decades on end. Clean energy.

    What the world can learn from Australia’s no apology transmission system evolution – First – key data point: The Aussies are cool with managing up to 40% of their grid being distributed, intermittent generation. Second – they’re adding really damn smart battery storage volume. And the third item, which also happens to be the “The third stage” of this transition: likely not occurring for another decade – involves the potential launch of a digital network optimization market, enabling peer-to-grid and perhaps also capable of supporting peer-to-peer market transactions, for energy and potentially other grid services. Hell yeah! A true transition allows you and I to sell energy directly with the utilities managing their resources and giving a medium to move the energy.


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