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    Sep 28, 2016
    Electrek green energy brief: Apple+Buffet for 200MW, US Utility solar at $1/W, 90MW offshore wind for NY, more


    Apple agrees to purchase solar energy from 200MW Warren Buffet farm – Apple & NV Energy, owned by Warren Buffet, have agreed to build a 200MW solar power farm whose power will be sold to Apple for purpose of powering an Apple data center. A 200MW solar farm in Nevada, at retail rates, will cost approximately $200-300M and will produce 350GWh a year – an average American home uses 0.01GWh/year. Interesting to see – Apple researched 5MW of solar power to be sold to commercial and residential customers. I’d like to learn more about it.

    $1/W goal has been hit, $.70/W by 2021 – how did this happen? – Sunshot is a Department of Energy program that sought to lower the cost of utility scale solar power to $1/W installed+ by investing in strategic solar energy technologies: solar cells, power electronics, manufacturing techniques and soft costs. What I think caught everyone off guard was the Chinese ability to scale their manufacturing. The solar panel that I bought in 2006-7 cost between $2.50-3/W – now the entire installation costs 1/3 that price.


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