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    Sep 28, 2016
    Electrek green energy brief: EPA forced to halt research, America supports green energy, price of electricity going up up up and more!


    EPA told to halt research grants – Yesterday, I provided you with data from a respected source – the US Energy Information Agency. The information was the amount of CO2 released when we make a single kWh from natural gas or coal, or burn a gallon of gasoline. That research and the online tools used to distribute it was provided via your and my tax dollars. That research creates value for companies across much of the US business world. The EPA and the EIA are eventually going to be forced to remove knowledge from the public domain. Limiting public domain knowledge will limit our species ability to evolve on this planet.

    Pew shows 2x as many Americans support alternative energy over fossil, including two thirds of moderate Republicans – It’s interesting to see solar power cover such broad political bases, cleaner energy almost as much as solar. In Georgia – the politics of the Tea Party and the Green Party came together to push solar power. President George W. Bush first signed off on the Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar power. Annually, and a bipartisan Congress pushed it to be re-signed every year (it expired annually in those days). Now, we see a small group of energy-focused lobbyists in control of Trump’s cabinet we ought expect to see this happening on many levels in the country. more…

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