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    Sep 28, 2016
    Electrek green energy brief: no new coal for Europe, solar as standard home appliance, more


    Edmonton structure’s south facing facade made of solar glass – Header image above is from Google Street View, October 2016. The system, composed of 500 solar panels, cost $400,000 and will pay for itself in five years. Overall the combination of solar energy collected and additional natural light reduced the projected energy use by 80%. The technology – Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – is the same thing as the Tesla Solar Roof. If the technologies are sound enough for architects to integrate at time of design – this will proliferate. In the area of 600-900,000 new houses and 70-100,000 new commercial buildings in the US each year – that’s a lot of solar potential.

    2,500 utilities from 26 of 28 EU countries commit to no new coal after 2020 while the EU shows that it cut fossil fuel usage – mostly coal and gas – 11% since 2005 with significant help coming from renewables. In the end – the goal is to lower co2 right now – and cutting coal and gas are a way to do it.

    Keeping in the spirit of solar as default – residential housing development with 2.7kW solar system (SolarWorld plus EnPhase if you were wondering) as default option. A 2.7kW system will meet 20% or less of a 4,000 ft home’s energy use with an average of 2.6 people living in it – but – 700,000 new homes at 2.7kW means 1.9GW of solar that is ready for energy storage.


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