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    Sep 28, 2016
    Electrek morning green energy brief: Jobs, Indian Infrastructure, Japan lowers FIT, AZ guts net metering and more


    [Editor’s note: We’re trying a new morning green energy briefing which should deliver every day at 9am ET. Please comment below]

    India Investing $1.8B on Lines to Transmit Solar Power – The whole world is racing to upgrade their infrastructure to take advantage of cheap, fuel free and clean solar power at peak times. The US, Germany and China have recently made headlines about lacking infrastructure – India watched, listened and hopefully is acting soon enough.

    A good job if you can get it: America’s solar workforce is heating up – a 14% jump in jobs in the solar industry. 250,000 direct employees – 700,000 indirect employees. And the industry is going to keep on going. 50% outside, 50% sales/engineers/office/etc.


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    Apr 7, 2016
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    At some point in the not to distant future people in AZ and everywhere are going to go off grid, then the monopolistic utilities can go pound sand.
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