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    Sep 28, 2016
    France is serious about carbon: will stop using coal by 2023, might carbon tax US goods if US pulls out of climate agreements

    France will shut down all of their coal power plants by 2023, French President Francois Hollande has announced. The announcement took place at COP22, the UN’s annual climate change conference happening now in Marrakech.
    France has been a leader in non-polluting electricity sources for a long time, with 95% low-carbon sources and 77% nuclear power (page 4, data from 2014), but they still use some fossil fuels for electricity, getting 3% of their power from coal through the month of November so far. Given that their share of coal for electricity generation has been dropping since the 60s and is now a fairly small amount, it seems likely that France will easily meet their goal of eliminating the power source by 2023.


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    Oct 15, 2016
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    One of the many reasons I don't like protectionism... it actually ends up affecting a good portion of the populations you are trying to protect, i.e. they have to pay more for imported products, they may lose their jobs because the company that employs them loses export deals in countries retaliating for the higher tariffs & overall, local manufacturers that end up seeing less competition from goods affected high tariffs are less challenged to improve their products which in turn makes them weaker in the long run...
    One last thing, if France would ever end up applying a 'carbon tax' on imported US goods, I want to believe its authorities would not be as stupid as doing that on a full electric T≡SLA!! :) In any case, Europeans in the long run will get our car assembled at the GigaFactory 2 somewhere in EU (not in Belgium :p) where the sun is generous!


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