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    Sep 28, 2016
    Lucid Motors claims it will have first electric car battery pack bigger than Tesla’s with 400 miles of range


    Last week, we reported that things are getting interesting in the electric vehicle battery space with 3 separate groups claiming they have a new battery cell with the highest energy density in the world. Faraday Future is claiming the title for the cell it developed with LG Chem, Tesla is claiming the same for the cell it developed with Panasonic, and Lucid Motors is the latest company to make the claim for the cell it developed in partnership with Samsung SDI.

    Ahead of the unveiling of its first vehicle on Wednesday, Lucid Motors has been releasing information about its platform and it claims that it will have an option for a range of over 400 miles (teaser image above shows over 340 miles), which could make it the first vehicle to dethrone Tesla’s Model S for the longest range EV. more…

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    Apr 4, 2016
    Pittsburgh PA
    Glad to hear it. Once we have electric vehicles with 400 miles of range, and can perform an 80% charge in 15m (and we eventually get the price down), then there will be very, very few reasons to prefer a combustion vehicle.

    Still hoping that this car is more than just vaporware.
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    May 19, 2016
    If I am the CEO of a company that has managed to develop a production ready EV with 400 miles of range, I would keep it under wraps until it is only a few months away from production and BAM, give it an explosive reveal that blows away the competition and gets everyone totally off guard.

    On the other hand, if my product is year's away from production, so much so that I fear my funding sources will dry up unless I announce some progress, I might decide to include target facts and figures without giving definite dates as I will be held accountable to the schedule. That way, I can create a real buzz because it would appear as the facts and figures are genuinely class leading in today's terms.

    But then what do I know, I'm just another person in a forum.
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