From Electrek: Number one argument against electric cars is now completely debunked

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Number one argument against electric cars is now completely debunked


    The argument that electric vehicles are just as polluting as gas-powered vehicles because they consume electricity produced from coal plants has been looming over electric vehicles for a long time.

    It has been debunked on a few occasions and while there are places where the grid is so dirty that it doesn’t make a big difference whether someone drives an electric car or a very efficient gas-powered car, most of the US electric grid is clean enough that it doesn’t come close to the efficiency of electric cars.

    As the grid gets cleaner, thanks to solar, wind, hydro and other renewable energy sources, the electric car’s advantage is increasing every day and the latest data shows that it’s not even a contest anymore. more…


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    May 11, 2016
    Tesla Owner:
    The UCS article also debunks the number 2 argument, namely energy of production being higher. They conclude that the Energy payback of a EV (Leaf sized) is 6-18 months.

    Thank you kindly.
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