From Electrek: Tesla’s battery swapping magic revealed in new patent application drawings

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla’s battery swapping magic revealed in new patent application drawings


    We don’t hear a lot about Tesla’s battery swap program anymore. We are told that it is still alive, but on the back-burner as Tesla’s EV infrastructure team is focusing on accelerating the rollout of Supercharger stations ahead of the Model 3 coming to market next year.

    The use case for regular Tesla owners is not really attractive versus the Supercharger, but battery swap could make a comeback with special stations for ‘Tesla Semi’ or private stations to accommodate large commercial fleets of Tesla vehicles. Tesla recently hired Audi’s NA commercial account manager to lead a new B2B push for Tesla in “fleet management, rental, government/public sectors & corporate enterprises.”

    Tesla could be looking to have a more important presence in commercial fleets and battery swap makes more sense when it’s important that your vehicles are most often on the road. Same goes for freight with the upcoming ‘Tesla Semi‘.

    In the meantime, we now get a new look at Tesla’s battery swapping magic through newly released technical drawings from a patent application. more…

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  2. Dan Detweiler

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Canton, Georgia
    For fleet use this makes total sense. Same with transport companies using Tesla semis in the future. I don't see it being very practical for personal use though. But hey...who knows.

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