From Electrek: Tesla’s direct-sale bill is shelved in North Carolina

Discussion in 'News from' started by RSSFeed, Jun 23, 2017.

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla’s direct-sale bill is shelved in North Carolina


    Things are not improving on the direct-sale front for Tesla. After recent setbacks in Texas and Connecticut, now a new bill introduced this week in North Carolina has been shelved for the current legislative session. more…


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    Oct 17, 2016
    Northern NJ
    So people in these states just order the vehicles themselves on the long as there is service centers capable of servicing the vehicle...

    Who needs dealerships to place the order?

    Screw franchise laws in those states....

    Dealers for the most part are whores.

    A few great ones but most are a waste of time.

    Service centers are needed but sales dealerships?

    Not important as long as test drives and service are available locally...

    Pushing buttons on computers for ordering is nothing...out of the ordinary these days...

    For regular items ...nobody is going to malls or stores these days when on the internet ebate, or eBay or amazon....every body is ordering on line...

    And I'm in my late 50s...I would have no hesitation to order my tesla on long as I could speak to a customer service center in tesla headquarters to confirm I ordered correctly when I was done..

    50 dollars or 50 makes no difference these days...ordering on line and the. Receiving a confirmation phone call to confirm the correct option listing is all that is needed..

    Screw the traditional franchise dealers of internal gas engine vehicles...

    It's just an added cost and experience that car buyers hate ..

    Literally walking into car showrooms for most car buyers is among the worst part of buying a new car..

    Dump that part, save some money and time...

    Flow..I've turned more friends locally into and one of the many comments besides the savings is the wonderful purchasing experience ...with no dealer to visit...and how nice it is to have the vehicle delivered directly to their homes or businesses and the 15 minutes it takes to have the driver explain the cars features to the new owner...

    Seriously no car dealership sales departments would be a great advance in this industry nationwide...

    Maybe a monthly driver events at local mall parking lots once a month...if even that...

    Just pay a guy to travel the state offering test drives to prospective buyers 8 hours a day...

    Save on structures and overhead...

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