From Electrek: Tesla Autopilot is currently using only 1 out 8 cameras of the new hardware...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla Autopilot is currently using only 1 out 8 cameras of the new hardware suite, still very much in ‘beta’


    There has been some frustration from Tesla owners around the transition from the first generation Autopilot to the second generation. Lately, people have been sharing the failings of the first few iterations of the Autosteer feature under the new system (see below).

    It might be a good opportunity to remind everyone that the feature is still very much in “beta”, more so with the second generation than the first, and that it should be used with caution. We even learned that Tesla is currently utilizing only 1 out 8 cameras on the new hardware suite, which goes to show how the system is currently not representative of its potential. more…

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  2. KennethK

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    Oct 13, 2016
    @TrevP does AP1 use a "Deep neural net"? I thought only hardware 2 will use the neural net deep learning with the Nvidia system.
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    Mar 1, 2016
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    I think it does but not in the car. It's trained at headquarters and sent down in an OTA update. The new AP2 system uses Tesla Vision onboard the car which is a combination of training at headquarters and models sent OTA and onboard DNN learning on the fly. The system is going to be way way better than AP1 over time. They also have HD maps which is a combination of fleet learning and sourced 3D LIDAR maps. This explains why they're not going with LIDAR since they can use the maps generated by others!

    I had thought that they were indeed using NVIDIAs DriveWorks software stack but it appears they are not, they developed their own called "Tesla Vision"
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