From Electrek: Tesla is addressing ‘lethal’ air pollution on two fronts: with ‘bioweapon...

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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla is addressing ‘lethal’ air pollution on two fronts: with ‘bioweapon defense mode’ and no tailpipe emissions


    There’s a partly scary and partly encouraging trend emerging with air pollution in large metropolitan areas. An increasing number of major cities are reaching dangerous levels of health-threatening air pollution, which is obviously the scary part, but there’s also an increasing number of municipal governments taking gradually more drastic approaches to address those issues and a big part of that is the move to EVs.

    Several major cities, like Paris earlier this month, have resolved to limit the number of vehicles on the road on any given day by only allowing cars with odd-numbered registrations plates one day and even-numbered the next. They are also making public transport free during those times to compensate. These practices have now spread across Asia, Europe, and America. It’s a serious problem that is killing over 5 million people per year globally and reducing the life expectancy of 100s of millions more, according to recent research.

    Electric vehicles are an obvious long-term solution to the problem, but interestingly, Tesla is taking a dual front approach that is worth exploring in more details. more…

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