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    Sep 28, 2016
    Tesla Model X owner who crashed into his living room now seeks a recall from NHTSA and compares incident to Toyota’s $1.6B settlement


    In the past few weeks, we reported on a Tesla Model X owner in California who sued Tesla over what he claims was a sudden acceleration caused by his all-electric SUV. The result – as shown above – was his Model X crashing through his garage and into his living room. The automaker says that the logs show the driver pressed on the accelerator when he should have been pressing on the brake pedal.

    As we reported last week, the owner of the Model X, a celebrity in Korea, has launched a media campaign to discredit Tesla and now his lawyer says that they are seeking a recall from NHTSA and compares the situation to Toyota’s $1.6 billion settlement for sudden acceleration events. more…

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    0 sympathy for this guy considered he tried to get a buy out. If the NHSTA investigates and concludes he just hit the wrong pedal (as it seems to be) he's going to look mighty stupid. If he had safety concerns he should've discussed them with Tesla and the NHTSA before trying to extort money and use his image in Korea to mount a campaign.
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